It was a pleasure to have worked with you on our project.
CD Kinney
I highly recommend you for an accurate, professional and thorough job, from start to finish.
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I have been designing office space for over 25 years, and you rank among the best firms I have ever worked with.
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Sturgill Associates ArchitectsSturgill Associates Architects is a full-service architectural firm with offices in Glendale and Tehachapi, California, specializing in the commercial, industrial, medical, retail and residential arenas. 

Founded by Ben Curtis Sturgill in 2003, Sturgill Associates has established itself as a firm committed to the highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.  With over two decades of experience guiding projects from initial conceptual design to full working drawings, through the plan check approval process and to completion of construction, Mr. Sturgill directly oversees every project undertaken by Sturgill Associates Architects.  Combining an eye for aesthetics and functionality with the experience of reviewing a wide range of projects from the viewpoint of city requirements and safety considerations during his tenure as Vice-Chairman of the Glendale Fire and Building Appeals Board, Mr. Sturgill has over 150 successful projects to his credit and continues with that success at the helm of Sturgill Associates Architects.

As a full service architectural firm, Sturgill Associates Architects recognizes the importance of continued client involvement throughout the design process and maintains close communications with each client from inception to completion.  This ensures that design issues are resolved as they arise so projects stay on track. 

As for buildability, a design must satisfy not only the client's aesthetic and functional needs, it must comply with code, structural and myriad other requirements in order to be transformed from concept to reality.  At Sturgill Associates Architects, we never lose sight of that fact.  What's more, our commitment extends to upholding the highest level of quality and detail in preparing construction documents for our designs, as this permits a clear understanding of the construction requirements of the project and realistic bidding by prospective contractors.  This standard of care in design, aesthetics and draftsmanship, together with the close attention that is paid to the financial considerations which affect all projects, exemplify our philosophy of exceeding expectations every step of the way. 

At Sturgill Associates Architects, we are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and responsive service for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients and the unqualified success of their projects.

Ben Curtis Sturgill
Principal Architect

Ben Curtis Sturgill is a licensed architect in the State of California with extensive experience in a diverse array of architectural services. His broad and in-depth knowledge of building codes and associated regulations give him the resources to develop buildable designs and working drawings.  His keen commitment to fulfilling the specific needs of each client ensures that all architectural services rendered are useful to the client and meet or exceed their expectations.

Mr. Sturgill’s involvement in architecture began with architectural drafting courses taken at Ferris State University in Michigan, from which he received an Associates Degree in Architectural Drafting Technology in 1981. He then moved directly into the field of construction in 1981 with a partnership in an enterprise that remodeled single- and multi-family residences.  In 1984, he joined Cooper Associates Architects as a draftsman, working on projects ranging from new custom homes to large-scale remodels and developments for commercial, industrial and retail properties.

In June 1993, Curt Sturgill took a special assignment in Clearwater, Florida as Project Architect and Production Director overseeing an architectural staff of ten to renovate 3 floors of an historical landmark hotel, refurbish the interior and redesign the exterior of a 53-room motel, develop the conceptual design for the rehabilitation of an historical bank building built in 1915, and design six floors of a training facility.  On his return to California in April 1994, Mr. Sturgill continued on at Cooper Associates Architects as Project Architect handling all phases of architectural services required for the many residential, commercial, industrial and retail projects that were contracted to the firm.  Mr. Sturgill accepted an offer to become a partner in Cooper Associates Architects in April 1997 and further added his expertise to the development of Cooper Sturgill Architects and its expanded line-up of projects. With the passing of his partner, Robert Cooper, in May 1999, Mr. Sturgill assumed the position of senior principal.

In January 2003, Curt Sturgill founded Sturgill Associates Architects to carry forward into the coming decades the tradition of excellence he and his team are known for. Under the guidance of Mr. Sturgill, Sturgill Associates Architects has continued to expand in scope and is proud to offer an exceptional array of architectural services to its clientele.

Sturgill Associates Architects

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